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Last Lecture-- Information on whats on the exam and Topics studied throughout the course.

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Parveen Gill

For the last3 chapters, there will be 4 short answer questions - financial management - marketing management - These questions will be section specific (lecture specific) Focus on the companies we talk about in class - blackberry - companies who have been prominent in the stock market - why debt financing is important - zara international, walmart - lulu lemon marketing - importance of 4 p’s only lecture based questions stick to ur own lecture based questions marketing - zara no spend money on marketing - always a combo of 4 p’s to create the demand—converting the wants in to needs marketing research process - collection of data and info, analyzing and organizing it. - They need to identify the need (it may be promotion price, segmentation of market, whether it's a kids market, etc) - Once they do that, they conduct the research - They do this by define, collect, andalyzing, and choosing - Primary and secondary sources of data collection - Data is usually #’s quantitate, and information coulf be both qualtitive and quantitative - Its difficult to quantify tastes, but marketers do this all the time using scales. Its more of information rather than quantitative #’s - Primary information sources means firsthand info. (focus groups, questionaires, checklists) means that its not published anywhere. - Secondary info means whatever is unpublished—and it is being adapted for a particular study. Marketers do it for their need. - Marketers convert numbers into percentages and average. Uses of market research - Analyze customer needs - Analyze markets and & opportunities (identify trends of opportunities and threats) for example Samsung vs. apple, - Analyze effectiveness of strategy—example of TD Canada trust how their demographics are distributed, marketing in terms of different languages. - Goal—eg. Sales, revenue generation. They can know whether the goal has been achieved or not. The consumer and business to business - Business to consumer, when anything is coming to - Business to business—about value, In the form of intermediary product. Talk about food distribution companies, for example, McCain. A company like Avon, there is no business to business. Segmentation and target market. - Geo segmentation—on the basis of geography. Example of Google. Emotional advertisement in terms of India, Pakistan. Zara international the styles, fabric, and des
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