Summary #1: Saint Anselm, Gaunilo, William L.Rowe

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Diana Raffman

Saint Anselm: Definition of God:something than which nothing greater can be though. He was a Christian philosopher and theologian. He was theism. His argument is a priori truth. His argument is mainly for atheists the fool which is someone who doubts or denies the existence of God Proves Gods existence by saying if you believe and understand the concept of something than which nothing greater can be though, then the concept exists within your mind. If the concept can exist within your mind, then it can exist in reality also (God). -God Exists in the mind; -If God exists only in the mind, then something greater than God can be though-namely a being that exists in reality; -I God exists only in the mind, then we can think of a being that is greater than the being than which none greater can be though; -Therefore it is not the case that God exists only in the mind; -Therefore God exists in reality. Gaunilo: He was a Benedictine monk. He lived around the same time as Saint Anselm. Gaunilo offers a reply to Anselm on behalf of the fool- a person who doubts or
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