Summary #2: Richard Taylor, William Paley, John Hick

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Diana Raffman

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Richard Taylor (The Cosmological Argument): He was an American philosopher. He believes that there must be a reason for the existence of everything in the world, and the world itself. It is not accidental. He believes that existence generally requires a reason. He looks at the principle of sufficient reason which is that in any positive truth, that there is a sufficient reason for it; something that makes it true. That there is an explanation for it whether it be known or not, for everything. - Contingent Truth: A truth that depends on something else - Necessary Truth: A truth depending only on itself and are true by their very OWN nature. - Self-caused: Not meaning something that brings itself into existence, but rather that it is not contingent or dependent on something else but its own nature. A being that can neither come into being nor perish (die). - First-cause: To describe God as a first cause is to say that he is literally primaryultimately rather than a secondaryderived cause; a being in which all things on heaven and earth depend on for their existence. (Example) the sun is the first cause of daylight, even for the moonlight at night as well, which means that moonlight and daylight ultimately depend on the sun for their existence. The moon on the ot
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