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Mid-Term Test Multiple Choice Review i-clicker questions

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Diana Raffman

I-clicker Questions Saint Anselm In the text we read for today, Anselm aims to prove that God exists by A. showing that God is the necessary first cause of all being. B. getting us to recognize that it is in our best interest to believe in God, that belief in God is necessary for eternal life. C. arguing that God is the source of all goodness in the Universe. D. pointing out that it follows from the very definition of God that God must actually exist. E. arguing that the universe is not just random, but shows elements of intelligent design, from which it follows that there must be a designer. In the text you read for today, how did Anselm define God? A. The first cause of the universe; the unmoved mover B. The source of all goodness and moral order C. The protagonist of the Christian Bible D. Something than which nothing greater can be thought E. Something greater than human minds are capable of grasping Gaunilo What is Gaunilo trying to do in his essay In behalf of the Fool? A. Gaunilo is trying to prove that God does not exist. B. Gaunilo is arguing that we should believe in God whether or not we can prove He exists. C. Gaunilo is arguing that there is in fact a wonderful island out there somewhere. D. Gaunilo is arguing that anyone who accepts Anselms proof would also have to accept an absurd proof of the existence of the ultimate Island. E. Gaunilo is arguing that an adequate proof of the existence of God must proceed from premises about Gods moral qualities, as opposed to premises about being or essence. Taylor What does the principle of sufficient reason say? A. Two wrongs dont make a right. B. If you are going to break a rule, make sure you have sufficient reason for doing so.
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