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Defination of death Difference C and G thinks human are organisms and only have one death, which occurs when their integration functions irreversibly ceased. M thinks human are mind- body dualism and therefore have two deaths, one is human death and the other is organism death. Human death occurs when the human lost capacity for consciousness. Organism death occurs when the body’s integration functions irreversibly ceased. (两种死 vs 一种死,定义) M’s definition of “human death” is recognized as “in vegetative state” but not yet dead in C and G’s view. C and G’s definition of “human death” is recognized as “organism death” in M’s view. The reason that M adding a person death based on the existed concept of organism death by C and G is because M does not think human beings are organisms. He thinks human beings are “Cartesian souls” embodied in “organismic bodies”. To prove that human’s spirit is not identical with its body, M said we all know the human’s body exists since conception. If human’s soul is identical with its body, then human’s soul should also exist since conception. Yet when a human ceases to be a person, for example, in a permanent vegetative state, usually his body continues to exist as a corpse. This contradicts with the assumption that the human is identical with its body. (解释人和人体不是一体,举例) The McMahan’s view of human death, Cartesian soul’s death, is viewed as a “religious theory” in C and G. C and G believes the religious persons think death is the person’s soul leaving its body, which is not an official defination. The reason that Culver and G think that human beings only have one death is because they think human itself is a kind of organism. Therefore the human death is also the organism death. All organisms included human beings share this definition of deat
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