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Rachel Bryant

Epicurean view of death Life is of sense-experience. We do everything to achieve happiness. Everything that has not happened has the equal possibilities of being good or bad. Therefore is not wise to predict death is bad as it has not come. Those who are afraid of death should change their attitudes. Be general, death itself is nothing to us. It never affects any parts through our whole lives, and when we anticipate it, we have already ceased to exist. We can not say death is either good or bad. We only treat pleasure is good and pain is bad, and death is what we change from existence to non-existence. In a non-existence state, it lacks a subject to undergo either pain or pleasure. So we should have a prudent attitude toward the fact of death. For those who think death will deduct their right toward further pleasure and therefore think it is evil, Epicurean tells the magnitude of pleasure is the same for limited life and unlimited life. If u have already enjoyed the full sense of belonging, early death will not make u worse off. The wisest men should pursue the most pleasurable life, not the longest. Nagel’s deprivation view Nagel thinks that life is considered to be good. Although the content of experience may be either good or bad, life is worth living no matter what. U got a serious disease through ur whole life is better than u do not exist. Death removes the life, so death is evil. It doesn’t matter what kind of feature death itself holds, or people actually suffer from it or not when it comes. Death is the deprivation of goodness. It abruptly cancels all the possible alternatives of experience. Lucretius thinks death is the mirror image of “prior abyss”. Because if u look at the definition,
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