PHL283 Study Guide for MIDTERM EXAM

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jonathan Peterson

Study Guide for PHL 283 Midterm Test Winter Term 2011 J Peterson Format of the Midterm TestThis study guide is to help you prepare for the midterm The questions below are not sample questions However if you study the issues raised by these questions and review the identified readings along with your lecture notes you should be in good shape for the testYou will have 80 minutes in which to write the test Make sure you allow enough time to complete each partThe test consists of three shortanswer questions 15 points each and an essay 45 points You will have four shortanswer questions to choose from It should be possible to answer each shortanswer question in about a paragraph For the essay you will be provided with a brief case study You will be asked to discuss and evaluate the case study in light of the concepts and material that we have discussed so far in the course You will be evaluated on your ability to think critically about the case and to bring the concepts and arguments discussed in class so far to bear on the case studyStudy GuideReview Chapters 3 4 and 5 of the Vaughn text focusing on the int
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