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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jonathan Peterson

Study Guide for PHL 283 Final ExamThis guide is intended to help you prepare for the final exam You will have two hours in which to write the exam Make sure you allow enough time to complete each of the two parts of the exam The exam focuses on the material covered in the course since the midterm It consists of five short answer questions and two essays You will have six shortanswer questions to choose from It should be possible to answer each shortanswer question in no more than three to four sentences You will write two essays from a set of three topics The essays will require you to compare contrast and evaluate the philosophical positions we have discussed in the courseThe test will focus on your knowledge of the concepts and arguments that we have been discussing in the second half of the course Well be looking for three things 1 the ability to explain the basic concepts of bioethics accurately and precisely 2 an understanding of the arguments that the various authors we have studied develop in support of their respective positions on eg abortion equipoise 3 a critical perspective on the arguments Can you evaluate these arguments showing their strengths and weaknesses and giving reasons why we should or should not accept their conclusions This last is particularly important in the essay sectionThe short answer questions are weighted evenly at 8 points each 40 and the essays are worth 30
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