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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jonathan Peterson

Bioethics: PHL283 Lecture Three: Jan. 20.2011 1 Case Study: Dax Coward Video Dax coward at 26 was in a explosion, at which he was severely burned He had a twenty percent chance of surviving. Throughout the time at which Dax was in the hospital, he continuously asked that his treatment be stopped, and that he be allowed to die. PhysicianPatient Relationship of Dax The evidence of a paternalistic relationship was evident The mother claimed that she did not know what to do, as she did not have any background information; she said that they were the experts, hence she just had to sign. When Dax claimed that he wanted to die; he just ignored it and continued the treatment. The doctor held a conception of the value of well beingthinking that the patient wants to live. They tried to bring in a psychologists to claim that he was incompetentand that he might have psychological problems. This would have supported the doctors value of well-being. The doctor claims that he was acting like a little frustrated kid The doctor claimed that he had an obligation to deliver the best medical care that he could, and that Dax had an obligation to accept the care or treatment. Within this; autonomy is not even considered. What Motivated Daxs Mother in her decision Religious values were fundamental for her; she did not believe in suicide. She had the view that he only wanted to die due to the situation that he was in, and that he really wanted to live; he was just under strain. Irreversible Decision. A maternal relationship with her child was of value to her. She respected the expertise of the doctors What Motivated Daxs Decisions? The severity of the pain.
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