PHL105Y5 Study Guide - Tyrant, Deductive Reasoning, Everytime

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It is the claim how to know something. I know my friend john very well knowledge by acquaintance, requires more than a description, direct contact, some kind of familiarity simply cant be capture just by talking, familiarity with objects, object knowledge. I know how to speak english competence knowledge/ skill knowledge. I know that utm is in mississauga- very special, i know that is followed by fact/proposition or a statement that can be t or f, propositional knowledge, proposition is either true of false, Focus on next 6 weeks is claim on propositional knowledge. S is person, p is proposition/statement/sentence, either t or f: s knows that p. believes = psychological certainty is a function of the subject. H ighest if its very probable how high are we going to set the probability. 3 is epistemic certainty, it is justified if you have reasons how tight the connections are.