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Political Science
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Fiona Miller

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Questions on PS Chapter entitled “Multilevel Governance” and CP chapter “The Dynamics of Canadian Federalism” A. “Multilevel Governance” 1. How do Hague and Harrop define federalism? 2. Distinguish dual from cooperative federalism. 3. What is a unitary state? 4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of federalism? 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of a unitary state? 6. In a unitary state, power can be deconcentrated, decentralized, or devolved. Explain how deconcentrated, decentralized and devolved power differ. 7. How do you think a centralized federal system (one in which the federal or central government has significantly more power than the provincial or state governments) would differ in practice from a unitary state in which power has been deconcentrated? Which type of country would you rather live in and why? 8. How does federalism show up in your life? Do you consider yourself an Ontarian or a Canadian or both? In what ways do you relate to either the provincial or federal government? 9. What could you add to the description of Canada in Hague and H
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