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Political Science
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Fiona Miller

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Second half of pol MCChapter 8What proportion of the worlds legislators were women in 2009one in 5what proportion of the worlds cabinet members were women in 2010one in 5which of these groups is most likely to experience political exclusionthose who dont speak the native languagesocial movements areseperate from the statewho arereserved seats in the legislature most often reserved forwomencivil society consists ofgroups Above the family but beneath the statewhich of the following is true of social movementsthey focus on a specific issuepatronclient relationships are based onpersonal realtionshipsin most communist states political participationwas more extensive and more regimated than in liberal democraciesan ordinary opinion models what the public thinks given how little it knows aopinion poll models what the public would think if it had a more adequate chance to think about the questions at issuedeliberativeChapter 9
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