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Politics: 113 – Study Guide – Exam Fascism:  The main goal is to strengthen the nation-state  Fascists will do anything, including the rational, to get their point across (as long as it serves a purpose)  Venetian cannot exist without a leader (people are like a herd of cows with that one)  Fascists want unity, not class conflict o nations will only become stronger when there is unity o Unity comes from the barrel of a gun  more power = more unity  Fascists can work with other aspects of hierarchical organizations - as long as they benefit the state  Masses of people cannot know what they need: leaders know what they need  What strengthens the state is good; what weakens the state is bad  Nations are forged by war  War brings out the best in people; when piece people are lazy, selfish, show no signs of heroism o No one should be exempt from war  Private business can become wealthy, as long as they do not negatively affect the nation-state  Workers must be treated fairly with proper wages  People can leave if they do not like the way things are  Women are encouraged to pursue education, careers, etc. however family comes first National Socialism/Nazism:  Race becomes the equivalent of state-power in fascism  Nazi’s wanted to prove that the Aryan race was the most powerful  Want power based on mass information, technology, the state… (however the end goal is supreme race) Islamism:  Inseparability of religion and affairs of the world  No abstract conception of the individual independent of society o A well-balanced community, not a society of free individuals  Muslims must follow God’s laws and practices as part of the maintenance of the social order  Similar to fascism, people cannot judge human affairs (what is good for them) God is there to direct people  Inspires a community of multinational, cross-cultural, multi-ethical, and multi-racial believers  Not nation-state based: o it is international/global expressing universal solidarity’s among believers of different nations  Racist/violent actions are not fundamental as part of Islamism, as they have been in fascism. Leninism:  Comprises political and socialist economic theories developed from Marxism  Lenin altered Marxism to suit the conditions of semi-feudal Russia  Lenin argued: o “He who does not work shall not eat” o “An equal amount of products for equal amount of labor”  Linin’s goal: o to attain a highly developed economy that would provide technology and expertise necessary for communism o Tried to create the objective scientific, economic, and technological benefits of capitalism without the class divisions Theo-politics:  The governmental/political system led by religious power Neo Conservatism:  Believe strongly in use of American coercive power to conform threats to freedom in the world  Support use of government to attack cultural habits, forms of musical or artistic expression, and lifestyles that depart from cultural norms o Because it erodes the time-honored coherence and validity of the values of the civilizations and cultures of America and in the West  Strongly support restrictions on civil liberties in the United States for Homeland security as part of the war on terror Mao:  Revolutions should continue
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