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Political Science

Week 4 – political economy - What international political economy is.. why did we study it in politics. Why didn’t we study it before. - Approaches and understandings of political economy... realist, nationalist, liberal and sub categories, Marxist... dependencies theory - Hegemonic stability theory.. different understandings - Breten woods institutions – key liberal institutions..... g7, g8, g20 groups Week 6 – post cold war conflict - Coming anarchy article, caplan article – what is the central argument, 4 new threats to security, - Different conceptions of security and conflict. - Rise of intrastate communal conflict - Theorizing the origins of war - Rise of intrastate conflict – caplans article... text says 8 factors Week 7 – international organizations and law - Definition of international organizations and what they do - United nations and the league of nations... compositions – what they looked like. Some comprehension of the history – both reaction of the world wars. Effectiveness – sometimes effective... some successes. - International law – some stuff presented in the text. Where does it come from. The origins of international laws. Limits of international law. Where do i stand with international law. Week 8 – terrorism - How did we get to post 911 world and where are we now. - What is new, what is different... what is this distinct obsession. - 4 definitions from
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