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Political Science

Overview: Different approaches of political science o Politics is about power o How power manifests itself within individual states o Who gets who? What? Where? When? How? o International politics how states relate to each other? (realist approach) o Realists base understanding of international politics upon observations derived from history & come to conclusion that states is selfish and evil and therefore, conflict is inevitable in international relations. Key actors are states. These states are motivated in international politics in power for survival. Within international system, strong, the powerful, do whatever they want and the weak suffer as they must. Nature of international relations according of this is school is anarchy, within that anarchy, peace is a temporary state. All states are always preparing for, engaged in, or recovering from armed conflict. Nothing much has changed within 2000 years of studying politics. o Another point of view is liberalism. o Idealism and liberalism more or less the same approach. They differ from realist counterparts in their view of human nature. They differ because their philosophy about politics is grounded within domesti
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