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Political Science
Mark Lippincott

POL200thSeptember 13presumed knowledgeowhen we need to use that knowledgeinadequateTrial and Death of Socratesimpietynot believing in the Gods of Athensowhat does it mean to love the Godsohow do mortals know what the Gods want and dont wantnot trying to deceive anyone is honestly trying to understandrethink what we knowHomer is guide to what Gods want Platos Socratesnot verbatim to what was said POL200thSeptember 20The Trial and Death of SocratesEuthyphrowe always run out of time what Plato wants you to feelpeople that give us answers do not know what they are talking aboutTrialaccusing Socrates in not believing in the official Gods of Athens and corrupting the youngwhat Plato thinks of Socratesthe dialogueSocrates first time in court2 chargesoFormal MeletusoOld Accusers reputation of Socratesmake weaker arguments weak and stronger arguments stronggossip about who Socrates is and what he doesit is important to him to represent himself to the jury not hire a speech writerofinally see the person everyone has been talking about hear not only him but how he does things what he doesbe clearchange the misconceptions about who he is and what he doesquestion is anyone wiser than SocratesNOthe Gods as we know do not speak straightforwardlyowe must investigate this NOhow is he the wisest of all humansgo to the people with the greatest reputation for wisdomofound out that they knew nothingcame to the following conclusions about the answerso2 main possibilities1 human knowledge is worthlessno one said Socrates was wise just that he was wiser so we could all be stupidwho directed you towards what is good and evil ohow do you know they are telling you anything worthwhileomethod by which you can strip away nonsense presumed knowledgeohe knows what he knows and he knows he doesnt know thingsnever had students never charged feescame to conclusions with his formal surveysinvestigations all he did was spend his life talking to whomever whenever to talk about important things dedicated his life to try to wake up AtheniansPlato sees Socrates as a beginning of a new form of knowledge what separates Socrates from everyone else is that he can start from scratch to eliminate the presumed knowledgeno one intentionally harms people he is with all the timeunintentionallynot illegalshould be instructionodont ask people to follow him aroundfree willothey imitate him and start questioning peoplewhat he believes has annoyed people is his following and his reputationhe believes he performs a service to Athensosees it as a strong but lazy forceocalls himself the gadflyannoying
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