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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science

LectureTuesday January 10 2012 1004 AM Fault LinesIssues of language and cultural recognition in the Canadian English and French debateThe Canada and United States relationshipCanada increasingly became under influence from the United StatesThere are differences between Catholics and Protestants but this doesnt really come into effect into Canadian PoliticsLectureMonday January 16 2012 1015 AMLast WeekCanadian political culturewhat are the enduring fault lines and how have they played out Most of the class focused on social and economic setting of Canadian politics Principles of equalityLecture StructureIdeology Right vs Left Classical IdeologiesConservatism Liberalism Socialism Classical Conservatismauthority tradition hierarchy community cooperation Classical Liberalismreason freedom equality individual competition Classical Socialismreason freedom equality community cooperation IdeologyBrooks says that it is ever presentYou may have ideological beliefs without acknowledging themUsually this means that you subscribe to the dominant ideology which in Canada is Liberalism or democratic capitalismIdeology the term came from the French RevolutionIt is a body of ideas that reflects the social needs and aspirations of an individual group or cultureIdeology expresses the most fundamental ideas about the nature of individuals society and the relationship between these twoPolitical parties use ideologies to rationalize their policies and agendas
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