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Political Science

Weimar Republic CommunityThe Weimar Republic emerged after the defeat in ww1 and collapse of the emperor It was named after the town in which its constitution was drawn up suburb of Berlin which was the first establishment of democratic system of government in Germany based on the most democratic constitution at the time based on proportional representationparliamentary modelThe problems occurred not so much in the institution but rather context in which it took controlGerman nationalist was offended by the harsh peace that was imposed by the victors in Versailles Treaty including the loss of German colonies and of German territory in the east to Poland and the west to France as well as reparation payments Germany was forced to pay for war damages inflicted by German military forces crippled the economy and resulted in a spike in unemployment The reparations were to be paid in German Marks which gave the government in Berlin an incentive to fuel inflation By inflating the currency they would pay the debt off in less valuable currency Gradual at the beginning but by 1923 reached hyperinflation reached point to be 100 inflation rate per year Basically means your paycheck on Tuesday if you didnt spend it was worth half as much the next day half the next day No one willing to take money and essentially workers were paid in kind meaning working in techstyle factory you get stack of shirts could barging those for something else Economy was reduced back to this In novemeber 1923 the currency reform stabilize things and allowed growth in economy and nazi and communism support declined until stock market crash in 1929 support for nazi and communist went threw the roof The Weimer republic was plagued with a number of attempts to overthrow the government Demilitarization of Germany only allowed to keep troops domestic order but not enough to threaten neighbors Those who were forced out of the military because of the reduction had the ex soliders organized themselves as free militias not officially linked to the german state where they engaged in a number of attempts to overthrow the government of the Weimer Republic In Munich left wing communist revolutionaries overthrew the government and attempted to create a communist state the government sent military to put down the rebellion to reestablish order shortly after the Kapp Putsch attempted to overthrown the Weimar Republic by these former military members Leadership in Berlin called the military to put them down response from military that German Soldiers dont shoot other German soldiers they refused illustrates military itself would put down leftist rebellions from the communist revolutionaries but not rebellions from right sympathized the right political spectrumNot willing to act against it refusal of military to put down to put against the right republic they called for a general strike entire country shut down for several weeks until those sought to gain power gave up restore original government to powerIllustrates the instability of the governmentThese constant uprisings were due to the idea that emerged that Germany had been stabbed in the back by unpatriotic Jews liberals and socialists who had caused defeat in war This was significant because extreme nationalism became the basis in the 1930s 40s for Hitlers appeal to
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