PSY100Y5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Long-Term Memory, Psy, Scatter Plot

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PSY100Y5 Full Course Notes
PSY100Y5 Full Course Notes
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Categorization allows for chunking of information, leading to encoding in long term memory and therefore easier retrieval of information. Lab 7: explain the three forms of authentic happiness and give examples! Lab 9: ratio of positive/negative events were the same, are our ratings of the groups. This is because it is an illusionary correlation (joint occurrence of two distinctive events probably attracted more attention), perception of a stronger relationship that doesn"t exist. Because of practice, we want to counter balance. Unless the task is complicated and need to overcome a learning curve, after practice the association begins to show up. Correlations use two variables and comparing them, experiments use iv, dv and control. Correlation just looks at the togetherness of two variables without controls. Experiments we just test the effects on the iv when controlling for everything, showing causation. Correlation is better because experiments are based on the correlation about two things.

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