PSY100Y5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Depth Perception, Autotelic, Peak Experience

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26 Mar 2016
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PSY100Y5 Full Course Notes
PSY100Y5 Full Course Notes
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Is often used to describe the degree of relationship or going togetherness of two variables. Today"s 1st task illustrates a correlational study in two ways . 1 split-half correlation (validity within a questionnaire) and. 2 correlation between two measures of self-esteem (validate a new measure of self- esteem by correlating the do. What does it mean to validate a new questionnaire designed to measure . Basically, is a test actually measuring what we say it"s measuring. How do you validate a new survey: give your new survey to everyone in sample, get a score for everyone, send everyone to 10 hours of therapy with a qualified therapist. Get a score: calculate a correlation between the two ranging -1 to +1. Validate with a previously validated survey: new survey to everyone, old survey to everyone, correlate. Split-half correlation: split randomly into two sets of 25 questions (set 1 and set 2, correlate the two halves, internal consistency.

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