PSY100Y5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Jeff Graham, Free Recall, Psy

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29 Jun 2016
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PSY100Y5 Full Course Notes
PSY100Y5 Full Course Notes
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The objective of this experiment was to determine the extent of interferences two variables will have on the participants. The first variable used was a transitional flash (a flash to transition from one word to the next). The second variable used were mathematical equations and the degree of disturbance they had on the participant"s ability to recall the twenty words presented to them per task. It was hypothesized that participants will be less focused when there was both the first and second variable present in a task as opposed to just one variable. This would be the result of flash momentarily distracting the participants between the words in the task, and the math equation preoccupying the participants before they were asked to recall the words. The dependent variables used in the free recall experiment is the percentage of word remembered accurately and the number of mathematical equations solved accurately and within the time limit given.

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