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1a) the purpose of dr. rogers" case report presentation, was to not let assumptions mislead you, unique scenes require at times unique solutions and the importance of critical thinking when starting a crime scene investigation. (dr. Rogers, 2013: case reports are presented for their educational value on a particular topic or subject. Case report presentations are addressed to a specific or unique audience, one that is interested in the topic. (whiton s. paine, ph. d. et al. A 2. 5m shaft was dug by a backhoe, where dr. rogers found a coffin shaped object still covered in dirt. The backfill sprinkled with tissue, bone, hair, and cheap coffin handles (plastic). 3a) the meaning of forensic significance is when evidence can be admissible in a court of law. When dr. rogers" discovers the mandible at the scene, this can be used as proof in a court of law to prove that it was an elderly man. (ph. d.

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