PSY313H5 Study Guide - Insomnia, Nocturnal Enuresis, Scavenger

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500-1100- death was accepted as a part of the human existence. Death was considered as being natural and divine. The teachings of the church provided guidance. Tamed death- means that, death, or the discontinuation of life can mess people up psychologically, thus if we establish a meaning for death, then we can tame these emotions that otherwise arise. The 3 periods on which death is categorized, are different in terms of what emphasis they place on death. * 500-1100: death was recognized as a shared/collective destiny. It was the common fcate of all people. Death was religiously ruled, it was believed that a final judgement would occur by. *1100- 1700: there was a greater awareness in terms of recognizing one"s own death with personal meaning. This occured due to cultural and social changes. Emphasized a romanticized death, where the loss of a loved one was fully expressed.

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