PSY325H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Acculturation, The Intercept, Longitudinal Study

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10 Mar 2016

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Psy325 exam review: identify and describe the diff styles of adult attachment in terms of their underlying dimensions [6]. Anxiety about abandonment: simply refers to how much anxiety a person feels about a significant other leaving them alone. Avoidance of intimacy: people who don"t want to have a close relationship where you share your feelings, thoughts, aspirations, etc. and don"t want to know any of these about others either. In the adult attachment interview, an hour long they are asked questions about the past, previous and future relationships. Preoccupied: characterized by high anxiety about abandonment and low avoidance of intimacy, they are very afraid that their partners will leave them, they don"t avoid intimacy, are clingy and don"t want much separation. Fearful: high on anxiety and high on avoidance of intimacy, they are very afraid about others leaving them so they don"t get close in the first place, they don"t get close.