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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiFall

PSY352H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Synaptic Vesicle, Optimal Foraging Theory, Net Energy Gain

OC1761719 Page
13 Dec 2013
Explain the three types of selection forces we discussed? (5 marks) Directional selection: occurs when a certain extreme trait becomes much more adapti
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

2011 Final exam preparation note

OC26312 Page
12 Apr 2011
Define briefly what the phenogenetic questions and phylogenetic. Proximate question (phenogenetic causation) concerns the biological and physiological
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiFall

Chapter 8 Questions with answers.docx

OC2280333 Page
11 Dec 2013
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

review of test questions with answers

OC71697 Page
8 Apr 2011
Psy252 review: define heritability using mathematical model and explain the scientific definition as well, heritability is defined as the ratio of geno
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

Ch. 2 study guide

OC36649 Page
18 Jan 2011
Controlling behavior: the role of the nervous system. It should be obvious from the previous chapter that the behavior of an animal is a complex affair
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

Ch. 1 Study Guide

OC36647 Page
18 Jan 2011
The field of animal behavior is diverse and may be studied from a variety of perspectives. It is useful to consider behaviors as adaptations. A single
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

Animal learning and memory

OC433014 Page
9 Jan 2011
We don"t have to wait around to grow fur in a cold area, instead we can move to a warmer place. Learning and memory have been demonstrated in a wide va
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