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29 Mar 2017

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In states like texas- the sex ed is only to provide negative info on same-sex relationships: so you look at surveys- you see that. It is not true to believe that sex ed will lead to sex. All share common structure of the 4 carbon rings diff steroid hormones vary in no. and kind of atoms attached to outside of it. When protein and peptide hormones bind to this surgace- create internal effects functions on what the cell metabolizes. Some of their bio effects is to release amines: glutamate, gaba, serotonin, da, ne all derived from single a. a, 2 types of classes- based on structure, catecholamine- contain a catechol group. Benzene: body equipped with tools to refine those a. a. - in this case it is enzymes that convert tyrosin to da then ne then e, so cannot produce e without first making ne! Suppress immune response to concentrate on survival. Adrenaline dump- happen within seconds: indolamine.

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