PSY374H5 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Speech Recognition, Syntactic Ambiguity, Saccade

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5 Oct 2016

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Turn taking: when is it your turn to talk. How much can we engage in the process of production when someone else is talking. How to score our tongue, teeth and voice box to make specific sound. Is it possible to listen to multiple people at the same time. Follow through with the topic: recycling. how we pick up on phrases. Reference document you go to to check something out. Your own mental dictionary that people have. The words you know as supposed to what it is our. Word of word is pattern, linked to mental concept. No obvious relationship why we need a specific sound form for particular concept. Don"t need particular sound pattern words a word. Within a language there are cases that show how we have different word form to show same concept. Certain words refer to sounds are non-arbitrary. Tend to be very small in number - the non arbitrary.

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