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Raccoon were reluctant to learn because they would rub coins because that is an innate behavior because they play with food before eating it. Incentive can be way in the future- like earning money from degree: most animals however want reward there and then, q) spontaneous fixed action e. g. pregnant female rat constructing nest without any learning, ogen. Aromatase inhibitor will result in 0 estrogen because it is an enzyme that converts to estrogen. Analgesia: 1- chemical: hormones or chemical, endorphins- released from pituitary during stress, endorphin receptors concentrated in pag (periadueductal gray) and dorsal horn, crh (from paraventricular nucleus in hypothalamus)- induce. Acth from ant pit that goes to adrenal gland and causes release of glucocorticoids /steroids (zona fasiculata) this is the stress response: precursor to acth is b-endorphin, so it is released alongside with. Inc heart rate: pump more oxygenated blood, more likely to have energy.

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