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PSY100 L4: Perception st October 1 2012 S1: Psychopsysics  Sensation is the stimulation of sense organs, all things we feel. (ie. Touching, smell, etc.).  Perception is the selection, organization and interpretation of sensory input. It is not sensation. It is selecting only the important information because we cannot handle all the information (it is subconscious). You pay attention to things based on our experiences and we change it every time we have a new sensation and experience. Ie. We pay attention to fear, etc. You don’t pay attention to things that have never been shown to be important (such as movement in the lecture hall).  One thing that happens can alter your perception forever. (ie. Getting beaten up and then never feeling safe again when you are on a walk).  ―nothing is as it is, it’s only how you see it‖  Perception is unquantifiable  it’s subjective, unique and we do not know whether others see things the same way we do (ie. Colours)  Perception is influenced by culture, experience, genetics, etc.  Sound is vibrating molecules  ¾ of the cortexes of the brain are involved with vision S2: Tresholds  Subliminal messaging  ie. Flashing an image to someone but them reporting to not see it  People always like to think that they are right  Arbitrary figure – ability to detect the stimulus 50% of the trials (absolute threshold)  Ie. Putting in a teaspoon of sugar in 7.5 litres of water  we can detect that  Just Noticeable Differen
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