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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dax Urbszat

2 lectures on SA 3 chapters on MC 4 labs Intelligence Iq test based on logical analysis and verbal fluency multiple definitions for intelligence What do we mean by intelligence? Intelligence is functional, it is directed solving problems intelligence is defined and shaped by culture, intelligence is not universal, it is specific to the culture unless, we use the idea that intelligence is functional, figuring out problems and highly adaptive to situations Intelligence testing - achievement tests - exams, academics - personality tests - measure certain traits based on behaviour and beliefs - intelligence tests (iq tests) Psychometric approach: devise tests to measure a person's cognitive level relative to others in a population IQ tests are relative to everybody else scores Francis Galton - wanted to test the belief that social class are causal to intelligence He did a mass testing, took in as much info as they can looked at scores, intelligence and compared to social class therefore there is no correlation between social class and intelligence Binet and Simon used Galton's work to identify students who were under achieving compared to other students. Largely that we take in school - verbal fluency and mathematical logic mental age concept - devised an average age for a specific academic level L. Terman devised the concept of IQ IQ = (MA/CA) * 100 MA = mental age CA = chronological age he wanted an idea of how children are doing compared to everyone 100 is the average IQ EG a child that is 8 years old who works at the level of a 8 year old, 8/8*100 = 100 10/8 * 100 = 125 Freqeuncy Distribution of IQ scores 68% of the general population is 85-115 Validity issues for IQ tests IQ are valid for predicting the ability to succeed in school IQ are not a strong indicator of how well a person succeeds in the work place or every day life IQ is only a number that measures potential, not success IQ tests criticized on the minimum theoretical basis and because of cultural bias We base the IQ test on what we are taught in school No evidence to show that IQ tests work IQ predicts: how well a person does in school Cultural bias - people from that culture of IQ test will do better than people not from that culture Immigrants were discriminated against by IQ tests, some did not speak english IQ do not measure social confidence, practical problem solving, creativity, artistic talent, verbal intelligence (they measure verbal fluency), they do not measure social intelligence Approaches to Intelligence Psychometric approach Information-processing approach? Multiple intelligences? Factor An
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