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1All of the following were cited in the textbook as factors which promote relaxation except forAdeveloping a passive attitudeBdrinking a small amount of alcoholCbeing in a comfortable positionDfocusing on a constant stimulus2The Flashback football team had been down by 35 points at halftime but they had made a big comeback in the second half With less than 15 seconds remaining on the clock they made a touchdown that narrowed the other teams lead to a single point Their quarterback has decided to try for a twopoint conversion in an attempt to win the game by a single point in the dying seconds As the team lines up for the final play of the game both the quarterback and the intended receiver are likely to be experiencingAfrustrationBconflictCburnoutDpressure3The name Hans Selye gave to the bodys response to stress isAthe fightorflight responseBthe general adaptation syndromeCcatharsisDdefensive coping4A group that one belongs to and identifies with is known as anAstereotypeBsocial schemaCoutgroupDingroup5Which of the following has been shown to increase the risk of such chronic diseases as lung cancer emphysema and strokeAsmokingBpoor nutritionClack of exerciseDobesity6Evidence from numerous studies of the bystander effect suggests thatAit is a widespread phenomenonBit is limited to contrived laboratory situationsCit occurs only in urban ghetto areasDthere is much truth to the old saying that there is safety in numbers7Which of the following is not typically a reason for noncompliance with medical adviceAhaving a negative attitude for physiciansBfailing to understand advice or instructionsCthe degree of difficulty associated with following advice or instructionsDthe cost of the medical treatment program8Marriages arranged by families and other gobetweens remain common in cultures high inAindividualismBcollectivismCselfperceptionDselfmonitoring9Which of the following psychologists is known for conducting classic research on obedience to authorityASolomon AschBDaryl BemCLeon FestingerDStanley Milgram10The Featured Study by Cohen and his colleagues showed that highstress subjects had a higher incidence of colds than lowstress subjects This finding indicates that illness and levels of stress areAuncorrelatedBnegatively correlatedCpositively correlatedDmultifactorial variables11When Jerry thought he was the only person who was assigned the job of contacting alumni for a 15year reunion he spent several hours on the phone each evening trying to reach members of his graduating class When he learned that eight other people were also working on contacting the alumni he spent only 30 minutes each night making phone calls The process that would best explain the decrease in Jerrys effort when he learned that he was working as part of a larger group isAsocial interferenceBsocial loafingCthe bystander effectDsocial dissonance12Actors and observers tend to give different explanations for the same instance of behavior becauseAonly actors themselves can accurately explain their own behaviorBonly outside observers can accurately explain actors behaviorCobservers tend to possess more knowledge than the actorsDsituational pressures may not be readily apparent to an observer13The week of final exams subjects most students to what kind of stressApressureBchangeCfrustrationDconflict14A man who believes that women just dont make good leaders may dwell on his female supervisors mistakes and quickly forget about her achievements This scenario illustrates which of the following conceptsAdefensive attributionBthe illusory correlation effectCthe fundamental attribution errorDthe bystander effect15Bruce performed very well on the examination which he attributed to native ability and hard work Which bias does this illustrateAthe fundamental attribution errorBthe actorobserver biasCthe selfserving bias
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