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A womans maternal grandfather had a disease. The woman's parents are normal. You married this woman, and had a son with the disease. What is the most likely mode of inheritance? x-linked recessive Sure. So, there are 4 generations. woman's grandfather had it, and woman's son has it. Boys are affected, women pass it on. (Remember it is her maternal granddad that has it). Lets say their are 20 people on an isolated island and are to repopulate it (10 males + 10 females) and of this population 2 people are carriers of cystic fibrosis (recessive). Assuming the frequency of this allele does not change as the population grows, what will be the incidence of cystic fibrosis on the island? Does anyone know how to answer this question? 20 people on island and 2 people are Aa. This means that 2pq =2/20. From this information you cannot calculate the freq of q^2. 2/40 is = to q. You would then need to calculate q^2. However, you are assuming the rest of the population is AA. a man's maternal uncle and maternal grandfather had a disease. The uncle's daughter also had the disease. The man's mother is normal. What is th
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