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1The prevalence estimates of both schizophrenia and bipolar disorders are roughly comparable across diverse cultures This finding lends support toAthe relativistic view of psychological disordersBthe stressvulnerability model of psychological disordersCthe idiosyncratic view of psychological disordersDthe pancultural view of psychological disorders2A court declares that because of a mental illness an individual is not responsible for his criminal actions The individual isAinsaneBpsychopathicCpsychoticDschizophrenic3Wendy works at Opydyne Corporation At the last business executive meeting she showed up in pajamas and slippers When her coworkers commented on the inappropriateness of her outfit Wendy did not seem the least bit disturbed or embarrassed by their comments In this example Wendys style of dressing would most likely be consideredAmaladaptiveBpersonally distressingCdelusionalDculturally deviant4The idea that you cant be profoundly relaxed and fearful at the same time is basic toAbehavior modificationBsystematic desensitizationCsuccessive goal approximationsDpsychodynamic activation5The neurodevelopmental hypothesis of schizophrenia suggests that schizophrenia may be caused in part byAlow levels of expressed in emotion in the family of the schizophrenic patientBdisruptions in the normal maturational process of the brain before or at birthCgenetic factors that interact with environmental stressors during infancyDabnormal levels of dopamine and serotonin in the cerebral cortex6Jose has a psychological disorder and his doctor has prescribed a drug that affects both the levels of norepinephrine and serotonin in Joses nervous system Based on this information it is most likely that Jose is being treated forAan anxiety disorderBa schizophrenic disorderCa somatoform disorderDdepression7Taken as a whole the results from studies investigating mental illness among the homeless indicate that compared to the nonhomeless homeless persons areAless likely to suffer from mental health problems or substance abuse problemsBequally likely to suffer from mental health problemsCmore likely to suffer from mental health problemsDless likely to suffer from mental health problems but more likely to exhibit substance abuse problems8Hiding information or things from your therapist can be evidence forAdisplacementBresistance to therapyCtransferenceDcounterconditioning 9Behavior therapies appear to be particularly effective in the treatment ofAmajor depressionBantisocial personality disorderCphobiasDmultiplepersonality disorders10Which of the following was not a problem with state mental hospitals in the United States during the 1950s and 1960sAThe hospitals were underfundedBThe hospitals were overstaffedCThe hospital staff was undertrainedDThe hospitals were overcrowded11Erick is impulsive and unpredictable His moods seem to be constantly changing and all his interpersonal relationships seem to be very unstable If Erick has a personality disorder his symptoms are most consistent with those associated with disorders inAthe dramaticimpulsive clusterBthe oddeccentric clusterCthe anxiousfearful clusterDthe neuroticdissociative cluster12A twocategory scheme for classification of schizophrenia has been suggested as an alternative to the older four categories These two categories are based onApresence or absence of delusionsBpredominance of positive or negative symptomsCearly or late age of onsetDslow or fast developing symptoms13Jack thinks constantly about dirt and germs He washes his hands hundreds of times a day Jack is most likely suffering fromAobsessivecompulsive disorderBhypochondriasisCphobic disorderDsomatization disorder14Which of the following therapies are mainly intended to eliminate symptoms rather than alter personalityAbehavior and drug therapiesBpsychoanalysis and clientcentered therapyCclientcentered therapies and behavior therapiesDpsychoanalysis and drug therapies15Tony believes that he is Thomas Edison and he is convinced that his neighbors are spies who are trying to steal his inventions He believes the neighbors break into his house and search for plans for new inventions when he is not home Tonys symptoms are most consistent with those seen inAparanoid schizophreniaBundifferentiated schizophreniaCcatatonic schizophreniaDdisorganized schizophrenia16In free associationAclients relate the events of their dreams as they remember themBclients are restricted to talking about their sexual conflicts onlyCclients spontaneously express their thoughts and feelings exactly as they occur
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