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1People who score high inare characterized as outgoing sociable upbeat friendly and assertiveAneuroticismBextraversionCconscientiousnessDopenness to experience2The greatest inconsistency between who a person is and the impression he or she creates is likely to be found in aAsensation seekerBhigh selfmonitorCselfactualizerDperson with a realistic selfconcept3Which of the following is not one of the levels of awareness proposed by FreudAconsciousBunconsciousCpreconsciousDcollective unconscious4Which of the following is not a common criticism of psychodynamic theories of personalityAlack of testabilityBsex bias against womenCinadequate supportive evidenceDoveremphasis on the importance of early childhood experiences5Animals that have lesions in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamusAgo for days without sleepBlose all interest in sexCovereat and become obeseDignore food and often starve6Who developed a stage theory of moral developmentAPiagetBKohlbergCGouldDBowlby7Candice has just joined a sorority as a means of bolstering her selfesteem Her behavior reflects the use ofas a defense mechanismAidentificationBimmersionCregressionDprojection8The basic idea behind the setpoint theory of body weight is thatAthe body monitors fat stores and tries to keep them stableBthe body monitors carbohydrate stores and tries to keep them stableCthe body monitors protein levels and tries to keep them stableDglucostats are critical in weight control9When Teresas mother hides her favorite doll under a blanket Teresa acts as if it no longer exists and she makes no attempt to look for it Based on this information you can infer that Teresa is in PiagetsAsensorimotor period of cognitive developmentBformal period of cognitive developmentCconcrete period of cognitive developmentDpreoperational period of cognitive development10As Danica saw the headlights coming directly at her through the fog on the highway her blood pressure rose quickly and she felt her heart start to race These reactions are part of theAbehavioral component in Danicas emotional experienceBobjective component in Danicas emotional experienceCcognitive component in Danicas emotional experienceDphysiological component in Danicas emotional experience11Mr and Mrs McKavick have 3 schoolage children Their nextdoor neighbors Mr and Mrs Clancy have 3 grandchildren who are about the same age as the McKavicks children At the present time based on research into marital satisfaction across the family life cycle it is most likely thatAthe McKavicks are experiencing higher levels of marital satisfaction than the Clancys areBboth couples are experiencing high levels of satisfaction in their respective marriagesCboth couples are experiencing low levels of satisfaction in their respective marriagesDthe Clancys are experiencing higher levels of marital satisfaction than the McKavicks are12Alfred Kinsey argued that homosexuality and heterosexuality areAend points on a sexual orientation continuumBorientations based on early learningCorientations that are a function of geneticsDvalue judgments and should be of little concern to scientists13Maria is pursuing a highly competitive career and she works very hard and persistently at her tasks Marias behavior most likely reflectsAan external locus of controlBa high achievement motivationCa high power needDan obsessivecompulsive personality structure14Which of the following is not one of the key processes that researchers believe to be involved in genderrole socializationAobservational learningBselfsocializationCoperant conditioningDclassical conditioning15According to setpoint theory the body monitors theAlevel of fat stores in the body to keep it fairly constantBlevel of glucose in the bloodstreamCbasal metabolic rate to keep it constantDactivity of the hypothalamus16Unconscious fixations and unresolved conflicts are to Sigmund Freuds theory of personality asisare to B F Skinners theoryAfaulty learningBgenetic vulnerabilityCincongruence between self and actual experienceDinnate chemical imbalances in the brain17A person who is moody shy pessimistic and distressed is likely to score high on which of the following clinical scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory MMPIAhysteriaBparanoiaCdepression
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