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3mw31The gradual conversion of information into durable longterm memory codes is calledAlongterm potentiationBpostsynaptic conversionCelaborationDconsolidation2The person who has the ability to see all aspects of a problem and make good decisions is demonstrating thetype of intelligenceAverbalBpracticalCsocialDacademic3A norm refers toAa tests reliabilityBa tests validityCa tests distribution of scoresDall of these things4Penfields studies suggest that longlost memories can be elicited through electrical stimulation of the brain This suggests the possibility that forgetting may be a matter ofAretrieval failureBdisplacementCgradual decayDunconscious wishes to forget5The conjunction fallacy is a tendency toAignore information about base rates when estimating the probabilities of certain combinations of outcomesBoverestimate the odds of a chance event if that event hasnt occurred recentlyCdraw general conclusions based on a few isolated casesDbelieve that the odds of two uncertain events happening together are greater than the odds of either event happening alone6When the word oat is changed to the word boat the number ofAphonemes and morphemes are both increasedBphonemes stays the same but the number of morphemes is increasedCphonemes increases but the number of morphemes stays the sameDphonemes decreases but the number of morphemes increases7The childs first words are generally spoken at about what ageA3 to 5 monthsB6 to 8 monthsC10 to 13 monthsD18 to 21 months8The fact that the correlation in IQ scores between identical twins reared apart is lower than that between identical twins reared together suggests thatAenvironmental factors can have an influence on intellectual developmentBenvironmental factors have no impact on intellectual developmentCgenetic factors have no impact on intellectual developmentDidentical twins often do not have the same genotype9The entrance exam that Jaclyn is taking for graduate school has a number of questions such as glove is to hand as sock is toQuestions of this type are considered to beAproblems of arrangementBproblems of transformationCproblems of inducing structureDilldefined problems10The fact that some people have an organized sequence of memories for driving their car to work implies the existence ofAprototypesBanalogiesCscriptsDchained connotations11According to Sternbergs triarchic theory of intelligence a mnemonic device such as learning Every good boy does fine in order to remember which notes are on the lines of the treble clef in musical notation representsAa metacomponentBa knowledgeacquisition componentCa performance componentDan intelligence component12Which of the following statements is the most debatableAIntelligence is at least somewhat genetic in originBGenetic factors are strongly implicated in the cause of ethnic differences in intelligenceCThe average IQ in the lowest social classes is about 30 to 30 points lower than the average IQ in the highest social classesDThe average IQ for some minority groups in the United States is about 3 to 15 points lower than the average for whites13Walter is 10 years old and has a mental age of 8 based on the StanfordBinet Intelligence Scale Alfred is 12 and has a mental age of 10 based on the StanfordBinet Intelligence Scale Using the intelligence quotient scoring system suggested by William SternAWalter would be considered more intelligent than AlfredBAlfred would be considered more intelligent than WalterCboth boys would be considered equally intelligentDthe scores could not be meaningfully compared because the boys are not the same age14If you wanted to be able to predict how successful you would be at being an engineer you would take a test that measured your potential for this profession It is hoped that the test would be high inAcriterionrelated validityBinternal validityCconstruction validityDhypothetical validity15Jacob is thinking of buying a 1 lottery ticket In Lottery A his odds of winning are 1 out of a 1000 and he may win 500 In Lottery B his odds of winning are 1 out of 5000 but he may win 5000 Based on expected value theory Jacob shouldAbuy either ticket because both lotteries have the same expected valueBbuy a ticket from Lottery B because it has a higher expected valueCbuy a ticket from Lottery A because it has a higher expected value
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