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1The fact that researchers focus their attention on findings that are unlikely to have occurred by chance illustrates which of your texts unifying themesAOur experience of the world is highly subjectiveBPsychology is empiricalCBehavior is determined by multiple causesDPsychology is theoretically diverse2Charley tells you that 17 out of the 30 students enrolled in his English class scored exactly 62 points on the last exam Conceptually this is the same as sayingAthe mean for that particular English exam was 62 pointsBthe median for that particular English exam was 62 pointsCthe standard deviation for that particular English exam was 62 pointsDthe mode for that particular English exam was 62 points3A psychologist who studies information processing and decision making would probably be considered apsychologistAphysiologicalBdevelopmentalCsocialDcognitive4Which of the following best characterizes peoples understanding of realityAhighly objectiveBhighly subjectiveCgenetically determinedDa passive process5The first two major schools of psychology wereAbehaviorism and psychoanalysisBfunctionalism and behaviorismCstructuralism and functionalismDbehaviorism and Gestalt psychology6In the Featured Study on the use of subliminal selfhelp tapes one of the independent variables wasAthe actual purpose of the tape memory or selfesteemBthe group that the subject was assigned to experimental or controlCthe actual improvement in memory or selfesteemDthe subjects beliefs about their personal improvement7Nature is to nurture as heredity is toAenvironmentBinstinctsCgeneticsDmaturation8In a study designed to test the effects of a new drug developed to treat Alzheimers disease half the patients were given the actual drug while the other half of the patients were given a placebo sugar pill In this study the experimental group isAthe patients who show evidence of an improvement in their memoryBthe group who received the actual drugCthe group who received the placeboDthe patients who were not included in the study 9Dr Hackle has found that no matter how students score on the first midterm all the students in her class tend to score between 75 and 80 on her final exam This suggests thatAthe scores on the final exam and the first midterm are negatively correlatedBthe scores on the final exam and the first midterm are positively correlatedCthe scores on the final exam and the first midterm are not very highly correlatedDDr Hackle should change the final so it is more fair to the students who are doing well in her course10Theories permit researchers to move fromAunderstanding to applicationBconcept to descriptionCapplication to controlDdescription to understanding11A hormone isAa chemical secreted into the blood by a glandBa brain structure below the hypothalamusCa location in the brain where a specific memory is storedDnone of these12We would expect the greatest degree of phenotypic similarity amongAfraternal twinsBidentical twinsCsiblingsDparents and their children13If a key part of theis destroyed an animal will lose all interest in food and may well starve to deathAmedullaBcerebellumCthalamusDhypothalamus14In evolutionary theoryrefers to the reproductive success number of descendants of an individual organism relative to the average reproductive success in the populationAselectionBfitnessCmutationDadaptation15By definition a populationAis the group of people to whom the conclusion of the study will applyBis a subset of the sampleCconsists of those individuals who actually participate in the studyDis any group that contains more than 100 people or animals16Empiricism refers to aAschool of psychologyBsubfield of psychologyCposition on how information should be acquiredDtheoretical orientation about life17Which of the following neurotransmitters is primarily involved in the activation of motor neurons controlling skeletal musclesAGABABdopamine
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