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1Breland and Brelands work with miserly raccoons demonstratedAhow principles of reinforcement derived from studies of rats and pigeons easily generalize to raccoonsBdifferences in appropriate rewards for different speciesCthat there are biologically imposed limits to the generality of conditioning principlesDthat raccoons are less conditionable and therefore less intelligent than rats and pigeons2Simon cringes every time he hears a dentists drill even when he is sitting in the waiting room of his dentists office In this example cringing in the waiting room isAan unconditioned responseBa conditioned stimulusCa conditioned responseDan unconditioned stimulus3Which of the following drugs has the greatest number and most diverse negative effects on physical healthALSDBheroinCalcoholDcocaine4The most vivid dreams generally occurAduring REM sleepBduring NREM sleepCduring the early hours of sleepDwhen alpha brain waves are present5Continuous reinforcement occurs whenAreinforcement is delivered continually regardless of whether or not a response is madeBit is not known in advance what responses will be reinforcedCevery behavior engaged in by the subject is reinforcedDevery occurrence of the designated response is reinforced6The successive blinking on and off of the lights on the neon sign gave the impression of beer filling a glass This illusion of motion is theAphi phenomenonBconstancy principleCcommonfate principleDmotion parallax effect7Petra looked directly into a very bright light and damaged her retina The opthamologist has told her that she has sustained massive damage to her cones but for the most part her rods have not been affected One change that you could predict for Petras vision is that she will now haveApoor vision in low illuminationBpoor peripheral visionCno color visionDmore accurate depth perception8An electroencephalograph is a device that measuresAglucose metabolism in the brainBmuscle tension in the bodyCrespiration rates as an index of arousalDelectrical activity of the brain9Ken used to drool at the smell of peanut butter cookies as they baked and he couldnt wait to sink his teeth into that first cookie However Kens new roommate makes terrible peanut butter cookies and the smell of them baking is no longer associated with a wonderful taste experience Consequently Ken finds that the smell of the cookies no longer makes him drool in anticipation This illustrates the classical conditioning process known asAspontaneous recoveryBsecondorder conditioningCextinctionDavoidance10According to optimal foraging theory predatory animals will usuallyApursue small prey that requires little effort to catchBpursue large prey that requires greater effort to catchCpursue small prey only if foraging in large groupsDmaximize nutritional value relative to the energy they expend in hunting11Nathan is watching the cumulative recorder that is connected to a box where a rat is pressing a lever to receive food reinforcement The slope of the line is becoming flatter and flatter over time Based on this output Nathan can conclude that the rats response rateAis increasing over timeBwill soon show spontaneous recoveryCis decreasing over timeDis caused by inadequate stimulus generalization12Which of the following statements about dreams is most accurateAOnly about 75 percent of all people dreamBThe reason we do not remember our dreams is that the content of the dream is repressedCPeople cannot remember their dreams because of too much time passing between when they dreamed and when they try to recall the dreamDMost dreams people can remember deal with sexually oriented topics13When Antonio was sick as a child his mother would always make him vanilla pudding to Antonio it seemed like the vanilla pudding made him feel better Even now he still gets a good feeling when he starts to prepare some vanilla pudding but not when he starts to make any other type of pudding This example illustrates the classical conditioning process ofAstimulus generalizationBinstinctive driftCstimulus discriminationDnegative avoidance14Of the following the only sensory system that does not project upward to the cerebral cortex through the thalamus isAvisionBhearingCgustationDolfaction15If selectively deprived of REM sleep a person will experiencelaterAhypochondriasisBemotionalityCNREMDREM rebound
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