dealing with psychological disorders

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Chapter 15 Study Notes The Elements of the Treatment Process Joseph Beruer around 1880 started to treat a young woman by the name of Anna O Her symptoms of headaches, coughing and loss of feeling in and movement in her right arm started to clear up when he convinced her to talk about them Freud called this treatment psychoanalysis Who Seeks Therapy? - There is a great variety among the type of clients - A full range of problems including: anxiety, depression, unsatisfactory interpersonal relations, troublesome habits, poor self-control, low self-esteem, marital conflicts andor self doubt - There is an intense delay in seeking treatment: 6 years for bipolar disease,8 years for depression, 9 years for generalized anxiety and 10 years for panic disorder - Psychologist Norman Edner was encouraged not to seek psychological treatment in his hometown because people will find out Psychologists Counseling psychologists training is slanted towards the problems of everyday life Need a PhD to practice clinical psychology More likely to use behavioral techniques and less likely to use psychoanalytical techniques Treatment by psychologists is not part of the government medical insurance funding system Psychiatrists - Physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders - Devote more time to much more severe disorders (schizophrenia, mood disorders) - Have an M.D degree with graduate training in medical school and a four-year residency and apprenticeship at a hospital
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