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Dax Urbszat

Psychology Chapter Two THE RESEARCH ENTERPRISE The Scientific Approach to Behaviour -> Psychologists and other scientists share three sets of interrelated goals: measurements and descriptions, understanding and prediction, and application and control. 1. Measurements and description. Must investigate the phenomena under study (ie: emotions, one must figure out how to read emotions and how to measure emotions) Must figure out measurement techniques that make it possible to measure and describe behaviour clearly and precisely 2. Understanding and prediction. Scientists believe that they understand events when they can explain the occurrence for the events To evaluate their understanding scientists test their hypothesis 3. Application and control. Information gathered may have some practical value in helping to solve everyday problems They can use what they know and apply it to people with disorders or that need the assistance To be sure that an intervention is affective psychologists must create a scientific examination to tests its effectiveness To build toward a better understanding of behaviour they develop theories Steps in a Scientific Investigation -> STEP ONE: Formulate a Testable Hypothesis Normally expressed as predictions
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