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The Nature of Stress Stress is any circumstance that threatens or perceives to threaten ones well being and thereby tax ones coping Many everyday events such as waiting in line, having car trouble, shopping for gifts andor misplacing ones chequebook are all different types of stress A major event such as getting a divorce can also lead to a number of stressors such as looking for a lawyer, changing bank accounts and taking on new household responsibilities. The Culmative Nature of Stress Stress adds up: At home, at school and at work A study of hospitalized patients awaiting surgery showed only a slight correlation between the objective seriousness of a persons upcoming surgery and the amount of fear experienced by the patient. This notion concludes that peoples appraisal of stressful events is highly Major Types of Stressors Acute Stressors: are threatening events that have a relatively short duration and a clear end point. For example, dealing with an exam. Chronic Stressors: are threatening stressors that have a relatively long duration and no really apparent time limit. For example, an ongoing pressure from a hostile boss at work. Four Major Types of Stressors 1. Frustration: This is when the pursuit of the goal is thwarted Traffic jams, can lead to intense anger and aggression Failure and losses can also cause frustration 2. Conflict: This is when two or more incompatible motives or behavioral impulses compete for expression. High levels of conflict are associated with high levels of anxiety, depression and physical symptoms Approach- approach is when a choice must be made between two attractive goals Avoidance- avoidance is when a choice must be made between two unattractive goals. For example, choosing whether to be unemployed or doing a degrading job. Approach- avoidance is when a choice between choosing a goal that is both attractive and unattractive in some aspects, therefore, you find yourself going back and fourth until you find the perfect 3. Change: Any noticeable alteration in ones living circumstance that requires re-adjustment. The Social Readjustment Scale (SRS) measures life change as a form of People with higher scores on SRS tend to be more vulnerable to many kinds of physical illness Life change is inedibility stressful
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