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Psychology 202S Practice Quiz 2 Whenever appropriate be sure to 1 Identify the experimental design2 Specify the type of data3 Specify whether the factor or factors are naturally defined or experimenter defined 4 Select the appropriate statistical analysis 5 Justify your answers to 14 6 Specify the null and research hypotheses in words 7 In ANOVA designs partition the sum of squares8 Specify the assumptions underlying your choice of statistical test9 In ANOVA designs provide the complete ANOVA table10 Describe the results of an experimentWhen a graph is useful graph the data11 Specify where pairwise comparisons are requiredNote that you do not have to conduct suchcomparisons When a solution to a problem is required specify statistical null and research hypotheses andidentify the rejection region for the null hypothesisUnless otherwise instructed use05 Describe in words the results of your statistical analyses 1A pharmacologist was interested in how an antidepressant drug affected a patients mood Because the literature on depression suggested that manicdepressives experienced extreme changesin mood she wanted to see how this drug affected patients in situations which were designed toelevate mood as opposed to situations which were designed to lower moodTo manipulate moodshe chose two movies The Killing Fields and Woody Allens Hannah and her SistersTo evaluatethe effects of the drug she randomly assigned 8 of 16 manicdepressive patients who hadvolunteered for this experiment to receive the drug while the other eight were given a placebo After being on the drug for 1 month 12 of the patients receiving the drug were randomly assignedto view The Killing Fields while the other half viewed Hannah and her SistersSimilarly 12 ofthe patients receiving the placebo for 1 month were randomly assigned to view The Killing Fieldswhile the other half viewed Hannah and her SistersAfter viewing the movie the patients wereasked to indicate how happy or sad they felt on a scale which ranged from 100 to100 where 100indicated utter despair and 100 indicated overwhelming happiness The data are presented belowTotals appear in parentheses below the data in each cellAnalyse the data and describe the resultsHappiness ratings are typically normally distributed and of equal variance independent of wherethey fall on the happiness scaleFieldsSistersDrug201510051078 45 20Placebo6563485271548 228 262xx22714519This is a completelycrossed two factor completely randomized design that is betweensubjects onboth factorsThere are two factors movie type two levels Fields Sisters and drug conditiondrug placeboIt is completely crossed because each level of the row factor is combined with eachlevel of the column factorIt is completely randomized independent random sampling designbecause subjects were randomly assigned to the four groups and a single measurement was takenfrom each subjectThe drug condition is under experimental control because the experimenterdetermines who gets the drug and who gets the placeboThe movie condition is also underexperimenter controlThe dependent measure rating of happiness is continuousAssumptions 1 Normal distribution of scores within each group2 Equal variance of scores within each groupNull hypotheses1 Mood ratings are unaffected by drug treatment 2 Mood ratings are unaffected by movie type 3a The effect of the drug factor on mood ratings is the same for each of the two movies 3b The effect of the drug treatment on mood ratings in independent of the type of movie
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