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PSY311 Term Test 2 Short Answers and Definitions.docx

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311 Term Test 2 All Possible Short Answers and Definitions: 2012: 1. A. What’s the “Competence Hypothesis” and what evidence supports it? What are key alternative explanations? B. Describe 5 developmental changes in self concept according to Schaffer (1996). 2. A. What is the function of a “Theory of Mind”? When does it develop and what is required for this to take place? B. How would a 10 year old respond to a Selman dilemma (Holly, Shawn, tree climbing)? Name the corresponding stage(s), age range(s), and briefly describe why a 10 year old would respond this way. 3. A. Define “Act” and “Know” and use these terms to describe key differences between Cognitive Development and Gender Schema theories. B. Julie (female) has both stereotypical male traits as well as stereotypical female traits whereas Steve (male) has neither. How would you characterize their gender role orientations and why (base your answer on Bem’s work). Would Bem consider these gender deviancy? Why or why not? 4. A. There is evidence that children of single parents are “at risk”. Explain. What is the most prominent alternative explanation? Why? B. What are the four traditional theoretical/philosophical approaches that explain how socialization takes place? What is the child’s role in each case? Definitions: Individual Self Theory of Mind Cooing Coparenting Traditional Family Joint Legal Custody Gender-Based Belief Multischematic Undifferentiated Gender Role Gender Deviancy Competence Hypothesis Feat
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