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8Parenting and Socialization Chapter 13 Lecture 8Socialization is the transmission of standards in any given society from one generation to the nextinvolves cognitive social emotional and cultural components How and why does this happen According to theoreticalphilosophical approachesaThe child is born complete and needs to be left alone to develop Child is activebThe child is born as a blank slate and needs to be taught Child is passivecThe child is born bad and needs to be corrected resulting in a constant conflict in the process dMutual adaptation between parent and child where both play and active and passive role Pagliocca et al identified legal implications of parental responsibilities to socializeoParents have responsibility to socialize their children based on societys interestsMost parents never come into contact with the law with such issues but socialization failures can be a legal problemWhat are Parental Legal DutiesoSchooling Legally parents have to send their children to school as it is a great opportunity to learn social rules and values when interacting with othersParents and the school system usually agree about values Homeschool is a way for children to receive an education if parents do not believe in public school parents usually have to fight for the right to do homeschool with their childrenMoreover parents who have children with disabilities also have to fight for the right to have their children receive an educationoDiscipline The legal system may get involved if parentsCannot control their childrens public behaviour ie your child constantly steals when you and your child go to the storeCannot control their own behaviour in the course of disciplining their children in public ie you hit your child because hes upset you wont buy him chocolate others may call the policeLegal system may also get involved when children misbehave even if no actual crime committedParents can be held responsible for failing to socialize their children ifaParents fail to comply with a court order to assume particular parental responsibility bThe parent contributes to the delinquency of a minor cLegal liability for damages caused by their children dNew laws in some jurisdictionsparents are directly responsible for their childrens delinquent offensesSocial Policy A set of planned actions to solve a problem or attain a goalSome purposes of social policies is to provide information provide funding provide services to preventreduce problems and provide infrastructure to support efforts on behalf of children Public Policy Governmentbased social policy Primary Prevention Policies A set of planned actions designed to alter environmental conditions and prevent problems before they developSecondary Prevention Policies A set of planned actions directed towards children who are already at risk of developing serious problemsTypes of policies economic improvement service oriented parentdirected intervention intervention with parents and children and target children directlyOne disadvantage of poverty is powerlessnessless influence over society than other families and less likely to be treated well by social organizations They often experience psychological distress feel helpless insecure controlled by external force and unable to support their childrenPoverty affects children in many ways quality of home environment emotional and social development limited supervision and resources and family disruptions children without support of familiar friends and familyPrograms to reverse effects of povertyHead StartWelfare Reform PoliciesGetting What You Paid ForA federally funded program for 34TANF program that provided Personal Responsibility and Workyearold that provides preschool Opportunity Reconciliation Act PRWORA income supplements had more experience social service and is a federal legislation to reduce singleparent positive impact on children than medical and nutritional care to families longterm reliance on welfare lesscostly programs Expensive disadvantaged preschool children TANF is a policy providing them help but early childcare also had a larger
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