adult development and aging- summary

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Giampaolo Moraglia

In the past, it was believed that development that occurs in young people has positive gains while adults only age which is characterized by losses (they slow down and must adjust). Old Age is related to decline= invariant, it happens to everyone in the same way. The question that remains is, is old age only about declines?Or does development continue past maturity until old age? Is there adult development or only age related decline? Aging is not a disease, its a normal part of life. Primary aging Ex. Menopause, slower reaction time, memory decline (processesthat normally accompany humans) Secondary aging Ex. Dimentia- correlated with age (more likely to occur as one gets older, but is not a normal part of aging) Tertiary aging Ex. A few months before death, one experiences a sudden decline in conditions, which can predict death Partitions of the lifecycle are arbitrary, these vary across different societies and different historial periods Partitions are accomplished by using so-called markers, which can be Biological: easiest to measure Ex. Achievement of sexual maturity, puberty: signals ones entry into adulthood, completion of physical growth (benchmark of maturity, but is not sufficient to determine this) Psychological: meeting emotional and mental levels of development: being able to have long term plans Sociological: taking on adult roles, becoming parents, being independent. Not an accurate marker because a lot of variability exists among individuals- reach different stages (such as becoming a parent, retiring, or becoming a granparent) at different times in their life.
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