Creativity and widsom

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Giampaolo Moraglia

Creativity and wisdom have been topics that have been neglected in the past- but now they are seen as important concepts - These subjects have many opinions - Examining the nature of creativity: what it is - And the traits of a creative individual - Some believe that creativity is a process that occurs in the head at a rare moment in time - Others believe that a creative individual is a small part of creativity, and that other processes such as economic, social, individual processes matter - In popular culture: a consumer decides whats goodbad judgement depends on taste preference at the time - Therefore this topic requires a holistic approach in order to examine creativity accurately. - ROLE OF TIME: - some believe that creativity is a time consuming process: it takes a long time to unfold - It has been compared to a biological metaphor to describe the role of time: takes as long as procreation - It has also been compared to evolution: new species arise from a long process of natural selection - However some believe that it doesnt take a long time. - Others say that the insight process takes a long time, but the decisive point of initial insight is quick, and very important - DOMAIN SPECIFIC VS. UNIVERSAL: is it limited to a specific individualfield? At the deepest level, are thought processes the same for artists and musicians? Or is it specific to a discipline? - Some theories say that both exist: there is some commonality among thought processes for different fields, however, at higher levels, the processes become more specific
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