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Simone Walker

Chapter 1Naturenurture argument are we what we are because of innate characteristics nature or do we become what we are due to environment influences nurture Two opinions placed in oppositionThe origin of species Darwins book started interest in the origins of human behaviour in children Second some scientists of the day noted similarities between Darwins description of evolutionary change in species and agerelated changed in human behaviour this prompted many scientists including Darwin himself to write what became known as baby biographiesdetailed systemic observations of individual children Applied developmental science uses developmental research to promote healthy development particularly for vulnerable children and families In child development a theory is an organized set of ideas that is designed to explain and make predictions about development The early biological perspective Arnold Gessel according to the biological perspective intellectual and personality development as well as physical and motor development proceed according to a biological planAccording to the maturational theory child development reflects a specific and prearranged scheme or plan within the body Development is simply a natural unfolding of a biological plan experience matters little Gessel encouraged
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