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Ulrich Schimmack

Heritability and Stability of Well-Being Adaptation and Well-Being How much of the variance in well-being is heritable? How fast was adaptation to positive and negative events in a classic article by Diener and colleagues? How much of the variance in well-being is stable? What did Lucas et al.’s study of well-being before and How stable is well-being over a 10-year period? after marriage show? [The old study not the latest study How much of the stable variance in well-being is with Yap] heritable? What were the main findings in Lucas’s study of divorce? What are notable sex differences in divorce What is the difference between studies of young adults and well-being? and older adults? Personality and Well-Being Lecture What was the finding in Gardner and Oswald’s study of divorce with and without children? Big Five and Life-Satisfaction (main findings in three What were the main findings in Nazakato and meta-analyses) colleagues’s study of moving and well-being? Costa and McCrae study using informant ratings of Big Five What is the general conclusion that can be drawn from studies of life events and well-being? Physical attractiveness and well-being What was the novel finding in the most recent study by Schimmack’s mediator model of personality and well- Yap and Lucas? being Values, Goals and Well-Being Schimmack’s study of Big Five and well-being in a How are Schwartz’s value types related to well-being? German national representative sample How are goal commitment and goal attainment related to Facets of Neu
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