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Erika Carlson

LECTURENOTESPSY325WHAT IS THE SELFLecture1Jan9capacity for REFLEXIVE THINKING the ability to make oneself the object of ones attention and thoughtmakes us different from animalspersonality the way you think feel behaveassessed thru various reportsdescribes what your actually likerealityselfmental representation of the selfcan be different from realitySELF3 ingredients feelings selfesteemthoughts selfconceptsocial context idea that we develop ourselves in the social world by comparing ourselves to others or have others tell us what they think of us can differ depending on contextclass vs weekendSELFCONCEPThow you conceptualize who you arehow you interpret the social situationguides your behmental representation of who you arecomponents past present futureother selvesselfschema can have many reflects a collection of beliefs or ideas about the self in a particular dimension ie sales person during the day and rockstar at night2 schemasdiffers for traits etcsocial and personal identities group affiliations collection of types of traitHOW DOES THE SELF DEVELOP1OTHERS PERCEPTIONlookingglass self theory imagine how others in life see you reflected appraisalchildhood how parents view you can help or hurt how you see yourself adolescence value how peers view youadulthood dont value others opinions as much rely more on own selfconcept assume others see you as you see yourself2OWN OBSERVATIONselfperception theory observe own behaviour and judge the self based on that behaviourie you see yourself reading a ton of books and studying a lotconclude that youre a nerd3SOCIAL INFLUENCEsocial comparison upper comparison strive to be like the better person or they can make you feel worsedownward comparison make urself feel better by finding other worse than you1LECTURENOTESPSY325COGNITIONREGULATIONINTERPERSONALEMOTIONattentionplanningclose relationshipspride shame guilt memoryself controlselfpresentationkeep us from participating in some coherencesocial activitiesKNOWLEDGE OF SELF AND OTHERSintrospectionperspective takingTHREE MOTIVES FOR SELFEVALUATION1SELF VERIFICATIONidea that we want to maintain ourselves consistentlyhelps us predict our worldhave others react to us the way we predictbc we have this stable selfviewselective interaction pick people to interact with that will confirm our selfviewsie see yourself as outgoing hang out with people that see you as outgoingcan be positiveyoull seek out others who see you positive negativeseek out others who see you as a negative personprefer people to see us how we see ourselves proof of selfverification ie happens in marriage roommatesimposter phenomenondisplay cues we leave things behind cues that can tell others about uskey really occurs for traitsconcepts that we find important to ourselves we will try to selfverify those importanttrait importance2SELFENHANCEMENTwant to feel good about ourselveswhen assessing we look for the most positive infoprotect ourselves against negative infoselective processing informationselfserving biasgroup contribution over optimism chances of getting a divorce cancer etcenhance3SELFASSESSMENTidea that we want to be as accurate as possiblesee ourselves in the most accurate lightMOST PREVALENTselfenhancement dominant motivation for when assessing who we areevidence putting people under cog load tasks that are cog overwhelming ask to describe self overly positive in a quick fashionname preference effect prefer things that are associated with letters in our name ie Donna lives in Detroitbetter than average effect strongest piece of evidence we think were better than average statistically impossible for everyone to be above average2
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