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PSY328 usefulness of eyewitness testimony (lecture 2)

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Will Huggon

USEFULNESS OF EYEWITNESS TESTIMONYPerception and memory limitationsyou are not expecting a crime to happen right in front of youand not even asked about the event right awaypeople with different perspectives going to see situation differently We fill in information with the stuff that we think makes sense because weve had time to practice it over and over againif we hear something new that doesnt go along with previous knowledge then we tend to ignore itold information has more influence than new once you have enough time to format it in your memoryyou are going to stick to your guns even with evidence that shows you the oppositetend to remember facts that are consistent with our theories what we thought was correct and forget facts that arentbelief perseveranceHeuristics and biases heuristics rules of thumb that are going to substitute simpler questions for more complex questions when we are uncertaintypically work on an intuitive level gut feelingif we dont have enough info well fill it in with semantic knowledge that we might knowwork well majority of time but can lead to cognitive biases exwalk into lecture room and someone unfamiliar is at the front with a tie and standing at the podium working on the computerassume its profhowever sometimes you could be wrongcould be the prof from the last class or the maintence guy fixing the computerthere is a poor correlation between confidence and accuracy not necessarily result in a negative correlation more confidentless accurateMemory construction highlow prejudice people watch a video of person walking down hall and not paying attentionsomeone else walking from the other direction bumped into him and fell into lockerguy said sorry other responded with hey no problemsame scenario2 white students high prejudiceno hostility lowno hostility1 white student falling 1 black student bumpinghighhostilitylowno hostilitySchooler 1986witness an event and then hear another witness talking to the police about seeing the suspect in a red shirthowever you thought they were wearing a green shirtnow you dont know what to thinkits possible he could have been wearing a different colouror if they say something that matches up with your initial observationsconfirms your intuitions and makes you more confident with your answerexcount the number of Fs in a sentenceyou think its 6 but the guy conducting it says hes been doing it for 5 years and its 8 messes with your confidence since this guy is a professional
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