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y Jerrys family lives in poverty is at an increased risk for o Hunger Diminished Health care poor housing All of the above y Bens new baby brother has down syndrome since the arrival of the new baby children like Ben turn most often to which family member for support o Older sibling y Some ve feelings that siblings commonly experiencein reaction to a sibling o Loneliness anxiety envy All of the above y A fathers response in contrast to the mothers response of a child with a disability tends to be more strongly affected by o the severity of the disability y Adapting to a sibling wa disability can be facilitated by o Consistent positive contact wthe disabled sibling in treatment and education settings y While paretns of adolescents wdisabilities agree that academic achievement is vitally important they also indicate they want their child to develop o Solid social skills y A mothers long term vision for her child wa disability willher behavior in preparing the child for adulthood o Dramatically influence yRay has been extremely supportive spouse which is true o Support is is or not predictive of satisfaction y Treatment for people who have functional articulation disorders typically focuses on o Relearning the speaking act y People with aphasia have occasional difficulty comprehending what is said to them What component of language is affected in such circumstances o Semantics y Which factors strongly influence the reaction of family members to the birth of a child with a disability o Emotional stability of the Family religious values and beliefs socioeconomic status ALL OF THE ABOVE y In a socialecological framework changes in one family member can o Affect the entire extended family y Parents who effectively use cognitive coping strategies in dealing with their children with disabilities do the following o Develop ways of thinking about their childrens conditions that help them respond positively to the childs needs y Jim is anxious and fearful about his ability to cope with demands of caring for his newborn with a vision loss Jim is likely experiencing o Realization y Trudy has begun to accept her daughters disability and has become more interested in joing advocacy organizations Trudy is likely in what stage o Acknowledgment y At what stage are parents best able to receive and comprehend information concerning their child who has a disability o Acknowledgment stage y Which stage of parental response is characterized by denial andor grief o Defensive retreat y Research related to marital stress between parents of children with disabilities
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